About Us

Aging dog with medical needs for petsitter.

Our Inspiration

Most of our beloved pets over the years have been rescues.  They were often traumatized by their past or struggled with medical issues.  This made finding in-home sitters and boarding facilities challenging.  The pet sitters we interviewed just didn't have enough experience handling frightened dogs and pets with special needs, or their service offerings were not as flexible as we needed.

One boarding facility actually lost two of our dogs hours after we left them. 

 We lived a nightmare for five days before sheer luck reunited us.

Ultimately, that is how Bark and Roll was born; our need for reliable, thoughtful, trustworthy, and experienced pet caregivers.



Our Foundation

Safety - Security - Service

The safety of your pets and the security of your home is your priority and it's ours, too.  We take no unnecessary risks with the pets in our care as their health and well-being is paramount.

We believe in the quality of our service and serving our community.  

Our Team

Kim Reynolds, Owner & Chief Canine Cuddler


Kim spent the majority of her career working in Information Technology and Customer Service. However, she has spent the last 15 years spending more time with animals. Kim has worked as a Veterinary Technician & Assistant, as a pet sitter, as a foster dog mom, and briefly for the SPCA of Texas.  Kim's passion has always been for animals and their well-being. 

Ripley, VP of Quality Control & Bark and Roll Brand Ambassador


Ripley can often be found riding in the Bark mobile.

Chris Reynolds, CFO & Professional Cat Wrangler


Chris has spent most of his career working in Information Technology and Security. However, one of his first jobs as a teenager was working for a pet store that specializes in birds and offered grooming for dogs and cats. Chris is an experienced pet caregiver and loves spending time with dogs, cats, ferrets, lizards... you name it.