What our clients say about Bark and ROLL

Kim Reynolds has taken care of my dogs for the past year and a half and I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs a pet sitter.  She is loving and caring and gives me the peace of mind that I need when I have to be away from my girls.  She is extremely conscientious and often goes above and beyond to make sure my directions are followed and my girls are happy!  I am so happy she is on our team!

- Lenore Y. (McKinney, TX)

I highly recommend Kim of Bark and Roll to any pet owner that knows their pets are more than animals, they are our family and babies.  I have known Kim since 2013 and she is the only person I can entrust with my two fur babies with no concerns or worries.  She is not only reliable and loves my puppies as much as me (yes, that is possible), she cares for them so much that my puppies miss her?!  In addition to  her great care, her pricing is competitive and reasonable and booking her is convenient.  In truth though, how much would you pay for trust and confidence that your family is being taking care of completely when you are away??? Exactly, it’s priceless!  Luckily for us Kim is competitive and caring.

In closing, if you want to know that all is good when you cannot be home, then Kim at Bark and Roll is your pet sitter of choice!


- Toni A. (McKinney, TX)

 My wife and I have one cat (Bali) that we love to death and treat as if she is our child.  As you might imagine, as with any family member, we are very particular about who we entrust Bali with.  After moving to Texas a few years ago we were fortunate to stumble on to Kim and quickly realized what a lifesaver she can be.  We’ve had Kim visit our home at least 35 days over the last three years and wouldn’t ever consider trying to find anyone else.  Our pet has some medical issues and isn’t trusting or friendly with anyone besides my wife and myself.  She occasionally makes an exception for Kim, which is a testament to Kim’s patience and perseverance!  She expertly handles our pet’s medications and even when Bali is not engaging or interacting, she will simply spend time with her and keep her company.  I can tell you that Kim has gone above and beyond with us.  I even remember a time when we were experiencing a bad windstorm with severe hail.  Kim texted me to let me know she would be a little late for the visit but would arrive as soon as the storm lessened.  I know she experienced some damage to her own personal property but still went out in the bad weather to care for our pet.  For all these reasons I can honestly say that I won’t consider using any other Pet Sitter and whole-heartedly recommend Kim to anyone who wants someone they can trust and who will look after their pets as if they were her own.  Thanks Kim!

 - Michael M. (McKinney, TX)

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